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Your monetary donation helps paxUnited continue to help educators and the youth they serve.


Donor Information

Why paxUnited?

For more than a decade, friends and partners in prevention have shared the vision of paxUnited - The National Mediation Center and our programs. Together we have made tremendous progress toward giving each child the skills that they need to resolve confict in a peaceful, prosocial manner before they are able to raise a fist or reach for a weapon. Today's society cries for paxUnited's programs, especially in the wake of the influx in school violence that we see today. As citizens, we have a duty to make the world worthy of our children. We must teach them the skills that they need while they are still under our wings and in school. We must teach them how to be prosocial, responsible citizens before sending them out into the world. The generosity of our donors is vital as we continue in our efforts to make schools safer for our children, as well as invest in future generations. We can't do it without you! Your donation is vital to our success!


Is my donation tax deductible? Yes. All contributions to paxUnited where no goods or services were received are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Is paxUnited a nonprofit? paxUnited - The National Mediation Center is a Texas nonprofit organization and is recognized as a public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

If I make a donation, how will the money be used? Nearly 75 cents of every dollar spent by paxUnited supports programs and services that further our mission.

Join our Peace Team as a...

  1. Peace Supporter - $1 - 499
  2. Peace Partner - $500 - 1,999
  3. PeaceMaker - $2000 - 4,999
  4. PeaceKeeper - $5000 - 9,999
  5. PeaceBuilder - $10,000 and above